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Title: NSW Extant Native Vegetation (Keith and Simpson 2006) - Version 002

Description: Data represents NSW native vegetation extent, compiled from various vegetation maps using method outlined in (Keith and Simpson 2006). Data is also known as Keith and Simpson (2006) Version 002. Includes 4 layers i) woody native veg extent (natwdy_002), ii) non-woody native veg extent (rgrass002), and iii) secondary grassland extent (sgrass002). natwdy002 and rgrass002 are combined to create total NSW native veg extent (extveg_002). Data was developed for use in the July 2006 Biometric tool update, and specifically the update of the Over-Cleared Landscapes database, which underpins the NSW Property Vegetation Planning (PVP) process. Supersedes Keith (2004) and Pressey et al. (2000). Pressey et al. (2000) was the native veg extent product used to calculate native veg cover values for the Over-Cleared Landscapes Database prior to July 2006. (also see (Keith and Simpson,in press)

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Licence: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence (CC BY 3.0 AU)

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Attribute Office of Environment and Heritage NSW in any publications using this data.

Data Broker, Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH)
Phone: 131555
Fax: 02 9995 5999

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